Our Favourites - Bathroom Amenity Holder

Posted on Thursday 28th May 2015 11:00 by Dupuy Design

Here at Dupuy Design we specialise in creating products that work to their maximum potential. 

This handy bathroom amenity holder is based on a clean, simple design with flowing lines and made using clear perspex to allow it to fit with any decor. A firm hotel favourite, its ideal for slipping toothbrushes into, holding them in the perfect position to allow them to dry out . The practicality of this holder boasts benefits which include it being easily wiped clean, not gathering the usual puddle of your standard toothbrush cups and fixed holes which hold each toothbrush separately from another.

Don't forget we can produce these items in vast numbers or produce small numbers for the individual and even if you love the product but would like something about it to change, you can just tell us and we will make it happen, just like that!

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